Molly Spell Artz of Spell Garden Design / by Quirk Gallery


We are so thrilled to welcome our next artist Molly Spell Artz of Spell Garden Design to Quirk for our Garden Arrangements Workshop! In this workshop Molly will go over how to source from your garden while incorporating outside elements from local markets. We are so looking forward to spending this time making beautiful arrangements, learning all the tips and tricks, and taking in as much as we can from Molly's knowledge from landscape design to garden maintenance and more!

Quirk Gallery: Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Spell Garden Design: I’m a garden designer living here in Richmond. I’m also mother of a three year old and love spending time outside in my own garden, cooking and hanging out with my three pet ducks. 

When did you start your company Spell Garden Design

I started my company last year after doing garden design, maintenance and installation for a few years. I decided using my art background might be a chance to stop wheel barrowing loads of mulch up and down hills. Though I am quite diesel. I still maintain a few gardens, mainly as an excuse to play in the dirt. 

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Working within the horticultural and design field is something that runs in your family - your father Bill Spell was a renowned landscape architect. How did this affect you growing up and inspire your current style with Spell Garden Design

I have always been so proud to be my father’s daughter, but it wasn’t until he was gone that I was truly able to appreciate his work. My dad was a total boss. He designed the plaza around the Kugel Ball in front of the Science Museum of Virginia, which is probably one of the coolest projects that I get to enjoy whenever my son and I go there. I think my style is still being developed, but I’m way more into perennials than my dad was – he was a woody plants kind of guy. I want to introduce more plants that cover the ground so weeds can’t thrive, all while blending various shapes, textures and blooms throughout the seasons. I also try to consider pollinators and birds when choosing plants, and I hope that my designs will inspire other gardeners to do the same. 

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What are the projects that currently excite you the most? Workshops? Full scale redesign of gardens, yards, etc? 

I really enjoy garden consultation. I love going into a garden and problem solving to begin coming up with a plan to enhance a space. When a consultation turns into a design is always really exciting too! 

Garden Design done for clients featured in Modern Richmond 

Garden Design done for clients featured in Modern Richmond 

Garden Design done for clients featured in Modern Richmond

Garden Design done for clients featured in Modern Richmond

Can you talk a little bit about why you want to teach this workshop? 

One thing I really love about having a garden is bringing bits of it inside over the seasons. We always have something from the garden to enjoy on the dining room table. Usually I focus on interesting foliage from my garden and throw a few blooms in that I feel like I can spare. But I’m also really excited about the flux of cut flower farms I’m seeing in and around Richmond, and am hoping to incorporate some of these gorgeous blooms into the arrangements we’ll be making in the workshop. I think this workshop will be helpful for anyone who wants to get creative arranging with cuttings from their own garden (or friendly neighbor’s) and learn which plants can be used to enjoy both in the landscape and inside the home.


What is next for you and Spell Garden Design? 

More garden design! I’m looking forward to seeing more of my designs installed and to watch them mature. And more collaborations. With owning a business, I feel like I’m suddenly part of this awesome club of small business owners, and we are finding ways to work together. Keep an eye out for projects with local makers and growers! 

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To sign up for our Garden Arrangements Workshop call the gallery and secure payment! (804-340-6036)