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Kasha Killingsworth + Rox Vasquez // Pop-up + Trunk Show

Join Kasha Killingsworth and Rox Vasquez at Quirk Gallery on Sunday, October 15 from 12 - 4 pm. This fall pop-up event features a pair of young artists working in two very different disciplines sharing their fresh, contemporary designs with visitors to Quirk.

After recognizing commonalities in each others bodies of work, Vasquez and Killingsworth decided to create a space where femme expression runs wild, without being trivialized. This collection is a curation of prints, cards, and screenprinted apparel by Killingsworth, and live nail art by Vasquez, serving custom designs based on motifs in Killingsworth’s illustrations. The artists both see nail art as a sculptural form of self-expression, rather than just another way for women to be well-groomed for society’s sake. A NAILLORDROX manicure is a creative process and an uplifting experience which can empower and embolden the recipient. Your body, your choice. Go wild.

About the artists:

Kasha Killingsworth is a Richmond-based designer and illustrator who grew up in Central Florida. She holds a BFA in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University. A combination of bright, geometric forms and tropical plants dominate her illustration style, manifesting themselves in everything from print and digital illustrations to interior spaces to screenprinted apparel. Her work explores social cues and interactions with a tongue-in-cheek tone, occasionally edging into the surreal.

Rox Vasquez, also known as NAILLORDROX, is a self-taught manicurist who has been a professional nail artist in Richmond for the past two years. Her passion for the arts and nails has fused with HAIRTHESALON to provide Richmond with a non-toxic approach to beauty with the use of chemical-free polishes. Rox treats the fingernail as a canvas, and her nail art style varies from uptown chic to downtown street and everything in between. She's on a mission to change the way people view nail appointments and nail art by providing her clients with healthy nails, one-of-a-kind designs, meticulous attention to detail, and empowering words for boss babes around the world.