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Smidge Trunk Show

Join Lacy Noble and Quirk Gallery for this special trunk show event featuring Lacy’s handmade sleep sacks in luxurious fabrics for both girls and boys. These one-of-a-kind treasures are the perfect gifts for new parents, those celebrating Mother’s and Father’s Day for the first time, and for anyone who wants to start a brand new family tradition.

About Smidge Sleep Sacks:

"Smidge all began a few years ago when my elder son outgrew his only two pretty sleep sacks, and I found that options for replacing them were disappointing. I adore the luxurious feel of a puffy sleep sack with interior batting. I also love classically beautiful fabrics such as Liberty of London florals and men's shirting checks and stripes. And so, I began researching and creating the perfect sleep sack: not only pleasing to the eye but also incredibly functional. Whether in the wee hours for midnight diaper changes or during the infamous "transfer" of a babe who has fallen asleep on the go, my sleep sacks are designed to promote restful sleep for babies, and by extension, their families! I work with the prettiest cottons (and now even organic cotton for the lining) with excellent breathability, ease of care, and balance of durability and softness. Each bespoke sleep sack is made one by one with love. Smidge sleep sacks are elevated, beautiful, and carefully crafted: just what you want for the place in which your baby will spend so much time resting, growing, and developing. I hope that my sleep sacks will be treated an heirloom pieces to be passed down, so I make sure every one is constructed to last. It is only fitting, therefore, that I construct each one on my grandmother's 1930s Singer sewing machine - the machine that has hummed for three generations of my family and upon which I first learned to sew over 25 years ago."

About Lacy Noble:

"As a little girl I was always drawn to crafting, sewing and building various things for my dolls and doll house out of remnant fabrics, sticks, bark, and whatever materials I could find. I remember well my mum teaching me to use her mother's 1930s Singer sewing machine: the very one my grandmother had used to create her own doll's clothes so many decades before. Years later, when my son was born, my instincts for sewing were reawakened, and that same machine was brought back out. I am thrilled to have the chance to work with all of these gorgeous textiles, and I am honored to do so in the service of parents and their little ones seeking hours upon hours of exquisite, peaceful sleep. Dream softly, my dears!"