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Opening Reception: Scott Csoke "Guilty/Pleasures"

Join us in The Mezzanine at Quirk Hotel on Thursday, July 13 for our next exhibition featuring new work by Scott Csoke. 

When I became comfortable with my sexuality, I felt relief. I believed that I had become part of a community that would further nourish me as a person and an artist. However, as time went on, I began to recognize the many layers of the gay community. I never expected to feel guilt and criticism from those with whom I perceived to have so much in common. When I started to take my art practice seriously, I felt struggles in the world of art, similar to those I felt in the gay community. While criticism is an essential part to an art practice, what one makes work about and how one executes that work is under intense scrutiny. The distinction between one's authentic self and one's reputed self can become unclear in both communities. 

Guilty/Pleasure considers the idea that, culturally, we view pleasure and comfort as innately tied to guilt and shame. Both institutions I found myself a part of espouse acceptance and support, but I have not yet found that within these communities. I aim to challenge the idea of a 'guilty pleasure' and also bring the hypocrisies to the attention of those who are unaware. Using intuition and an intuitive process, I paint to meditate on these ideas. Abstract painting can create something that brings me pure bliss and is an avenue for me to express ideas in a more controlled way.

Scott Csoke is a Richmond-based photographer and painter born in Rockville, Maryland in 1993. Having lived in four different states before the age of 14, self-reflection and inward thinking quickly became a way for him to understand his changing environments. Personal experiences are essential to both of his art practices and allow him to navigate both bodies of work. Deconstructing stereotypes and expectations are just a couple of the themes he explores. His work has been featured by Ignant, VSCO, and Need Supply Co. Scott is currently pursuing a BFA in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University.