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Alain Joyaux Trunk Show

Quirk is thrilled to feature the work of Petersburg-based artist and carpenter, Alain Joyaux in a special two-day trunk show on Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22. Alain will have a collection of handmade bowls available for sale. 

Alain Joyaux is an artist and craftsman with an interest in exploring ways to push natural materials into unexpected shapes. He worked with clay and precious metals for over 15 years and recently turned his talent and curiosity to wood. 

His wooden bowls are all made from locally sourced wood and turned on a lathe when the wood is still green. Ideal pieces of wood have a moisture content of about 80%. The bowls are then flashed dried which reduces the moisture content to about 6%. This rapid drying prevents the wood from relaxing which results in warping and cracking because of the uneven tension in the wood. Alain repairs some cracks with Dutchman or butterfly inlays, adding further visual appeal to the surface of the bowls.

These pieces make wonderful gifts and heirlooms. Join us in the Main Gallery on Saturday, July 21 from 11 am to 5 pm and Sunday July 22 from 12 pm to 4 pm.