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Opening Reception: Emily Herr, "Who Is She? The 'Girls! Girls! Girls! Mural Series, Collected"

Join us in The Mezzanine at Quirk Hotel on Friday, January 11 from 5-8 pm for the opening reception of Emily Herr's solo show, Who Is She? The 'Girls! Girls! Girls!' Mural Series, Collected.

Emily Herr is a Richmond native who creates custom hand-painted murals at home and on the road under the name HerrSuite. She specializes in careful context-based design with bright and playful imagery. Painting murals is an excuse to explore new settings for visual art, work closely with an ever-changing variety of people, and push her physical and creative limits.

Who Is She? is a collection of the process work and finished pieces that make up the Girls! Girls! Girls! Mural Series. 

This series is a celebration of strip club signage taken at face value. Designed to sell the idea of women as a product, the leering words become jubilant when reframed by the people they describe. Each of the pictures that I drew from was sent to me by someone who values the person in it. I asked for pictures of womxn in action, showing emotion, being themselves - pictures that give a hint at who the subject is. What choices is she proud of? How does she express herself? What questions does she struggle with? These drawings became monuments to the everyday array of all female-identifying people. There are so many things to love about all kinds of girls! Love 24 Hrs!