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QUIRK Pop-up: Madam J + Abydis Clothing

madam J_Abydis_img2.jpg

Join us for this exciting Pop-up featuring works of jewelry artist and local maker, Jessika Carter-Ross of Madam J and fashion designer, Samantha Smith of Abydis Clothing. The event runs from 10am-5pm in the Main Gallery on Saturday, April 6th.

Jessika Carter-Ross is a resident of Richmond, Virginia and a local maker specializing in jewelry and beauty products by the name of Madam J. She has a Certificate in Fashion Industry Essentials from Parsons School of Design, which helps her approach her jewelry collections from a fashion perspective. Jessika also has five years of experience as a Beauty Advisor, which she uses to help curate the best products for her customers. Jessika hopes to provide a brand that is accessible to all without having to compromise style or quality.
Madam J is a local brand based in Richmond, VA that focuses on elegant statement jewelry, handmade cosmetics, and natural body care using wholesome ingredients. Madam J started in July 2017 and has had the opportunity to be featured in stores such as Quirk Gallery, Ashby, #loveYOU, and Ma Michele’s Café. The brand features statement earrings, in addition to soaps, body butters, body scrubs, lip scrubs, lipsticks, healing salves, and lip balms. All products are handmade using natural and organic ingredients. Madam J’s products are for women who want to make a statement for a fraction of the cost, while also having access to quality beauty products without having to compromise the vibrancy and moisture. 

Samantha Smith is a native of Richmond who's always wanted to be an artist. She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2002, learning to sew, create, and cultivate designs, with a Bachelor of Art in Fashion Design. Beyond studying fashion abroad in London at American Intercontinental University, she's participated in the Southern Women's Show-Richmond from 2011-2013 as a participator and exhibitor, Virginia Fashion Week 2014, Plitsz New York Fashion Week 2014, and most recently at the 2018 Richmond Fashion Week in October. Abydis Clothing is named in honor of Abydos, Africa; a beautiful word and place. Reimagined in 2003, Abydis Clothing  is about beautiful and creative piecework and sophistication. 
This collection is inspired by the beautiful goddess collection for Madam J jewelry. The strong colors and soft curves in her designs are a wonderful companion to Abydis Clothing without looking overdone. We found that building on Madam J's already rich and playful aesthetic, were also tribal under tones Abydis looks to complement. In meeting with Jessika, we were very compatible in the vision that she wanted and found it very easy to showcase both artist's voices.   Abydis Clothing is excited for the opportunity to collaborate with the bold, vibrant spring palette of Madam J jewelry. 

Photo by Christian Carter-Ross