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QUIRK Reception: Sydnor Scholer + Milk River Artists, Andrea Budu-Inspire & Mark Trezise

We are starting the summer off with two great shows---Sydnor Scholer will be exhibiting her work in the Pink Gallery and Milk River artists, Andrea Budu-Inspire and Mark Trezise will share their newest pieces in The Mezzanine at Quirk Hotel. A reception will be held for these artists in Quirk's Main Gallery and in The Mezzanine on Thursday, June 6 from 5 to 8 pm.

"Worlds: Works On Paper By Sydnor Scholer" is a solo exhibit of work by Richmond-based artist and architect, Sydnor Scholer. Sydnor received a BA in architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Architecture from The University of Virginia. She has previously exhibited work in St. Louis and Boston. This is her first show at Quirk Gallery.

"Rather than pieces of art, my drawings are speculative responses to the question of what happens when information/language is stripped of meaning. The use of architectural graphic styles as purely compositional elements reframes images of language into new contexts. Objects, symbols and lines are organized in structures to reveal the expanse of autonomous architectural worlds.

The early drawings are formal explorations that take shape as tightly wound objects and collapsed protoperspectives. Similar structures are repeated, reorganized and draped in surfaces. As this approach progressed, the focus sharpened to the structural make-up beneath the perspective spaces and forms. Each is a study of how one act in a drawing compromises others.

The structures of charts, graphs and grids seem to support objectively the information contained within them. Even though the structure is entirely imagined, its neutral and unbiased nature endows the contents with a presumed significance. What may appear as information does not actually portray information.

The established structures legitimize the compositions’ swirling ambiguity and successive disruptions. With these supporting devices, the viewer perceives the worlds with inherent confidence."

"Dolls & Guys" is an exhibit of two contemporary artists, Andrea Budu-Inspire and Mark Trezise, who work with Milk River Arts, a working studio in Richmond, VA designed to support a neurodiverse community of artists. Inside the studio is a magnificent world of images and ideas from artists who have different ways of experiencing daily life. Andrea and Mark both have a flair for fashion and a distinctive style; each is dedicated to creating what they feel is most important. They invite us into spaces open for reflection and wonder.

Andrea Budu-Inspire has lived all over the world and speaks four languages: Romanian, Hebrew, English, et un peu de Français.
Her dolls and her friends come from the many places she has traveled.

"I want people to know that I love them, that I miss them, that they are very good. I like to draw people from my memory so I don’t forget them, like Josef, he’s a nice guy. And Angel, she has pigtails. And Jo, she’s a secretary. Leonora has brown eyes and brown hair. Mariam was in Philadelphia, but she’s not anymore. I include myself in my drawings because I’m in the picture, too. I see myself there."

Mark Trezise studied graphic illustration and prepress imaging at Montgomery College, and his keen sense of design translates directly to his work. He waits until a full idea comes to fruition and releases it onto paper with thick, calculated lines. Each mark is permanent, on the first go. Never erases.

"I create images on paper and place them under a large sheet of glass, then cut and arrange smaller pieces of colored glass to create two-foot guys. When working with glass, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes it’s hard, but I always manage. They turn out exactly the way I want them to. I know when they are finished."

"Worlds: Works On Paper By Sydnor Scholer" will be on view in The Pink Gallery through August 25. "Dolls & Guys" will be on view in The Mezzanine at Quirk Hotel through August 18.

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